Pumpkin and Squash with orange flesh

Tangerines and Oranges

Mangos (juice, fresh or dried)

Apricots (juice, fresh or dried)

Green Leafy Vegetables such as Kale and Swiss Chard or Salad Bitters

Himalayan Goji Berries







Vitamin A is necessary to cell growth along with regeneration.   Vitamin A is used to trigger parts of any cell that has become damaged to repair the associated region.   Vitamin A also comes in four varieties that current science may not completely understand as some varieties are related to crystalline genetics.


The first form of vitamin A helps to seal off parts of the biology under reconstruction or too damaged to be yet repaired.   This form of vitamin A is found in carrots, mangos, pumpkin and any orange colored fruit or vegetable, including oranges or tangerines.   Ascending biology requires a load of this form of vitamin A and so including orange fleshy vegetables and fruits in the daily diet is useful.   We do not recommend taking vitamins as they are toxic due to how they are chemically extracted.   Instead we suggest a balanced diet with enough variety of food sources to cover all the biology’s requirements to ascend and sustain its crystalline health.


There is another form of vitamin A that coats the inside of the cells with a protective lining that sustains the skin of the cell as it heats up in the act of cell metabolism (digestion of sugar).   As the cell breaks down sugar, heat is created that creates the body temperature necessary to sustain the health of all crystalline cells.   The rising temperatures associated with crystalline biology could “cook” the inside of the cell skin and so this form of vitamin A acts as a buffer to protect the walls so that they are not over heated.   This form of vitamin A is found in leafy vegetables such as salad bitters, spinach, kale, swiss chard or other greens.   Having greens each day is supportive therefore of gathering enough of this particular vitamin through one’s food source.


The third form of vitamin A is used heavily in the construction of the blood.   This form of vitamin A is a part of the crystalline blueprint and is constructed in small factories near the bone marrow and spleen.   This form of vitamin A cleanses the blood by latching on to what science calls free radicals, which can include waste or broken bits of cells or RNA or DNA from regions that are becoming crystalline in the act of biological ascension.   There are few food source that contain this form of vitamin A, but Mila recently discovered one known as Goji Berries from the Himalayas which have become a popular snack in the US and Canada and are considered a “super food” by current health food resources.   Goji Berries host a crystalline blueprint from ancient times and naturally produce this form of vitamin A.   Mila recently purchased a bag of goji berries for their winter travels and found them useful to assist her body in the wear and tear of lengthy air travel.


The fourth form of vitamin A acts as a conduit for communication between regions of the body and is utilized in the formation of certain crystalline hormones that direct the body in its regenerative cycles.   There is a cycle to regeneration and generally it follows a particular sequence each month or year.   The regeneration hormones instruct the body as to what part of the form to regenerate and ascend next in each cycle.   This form of vitamin A is also manufactured by the crystalline genetic blueprint and is not found in many food sources as of yet.   In time certain foods may evolve to a genetic blueprint that also manufactures this type of vitamin A within its flesh.   One possible fruit rapidly moving towards this goal is a fruit known as mango.




Green Leafy Vegetables such as Kale and Swiss Chard or Salad Bitters

Ginseng and Sesame Seeds

Beer and Whole Grains

Ascending Red Colored Vegetables and Fruits (cherries, beets, plums and berries)

Ascending Artichokes, Broccoli and Asparagus

Ascending Hazelnuts, Walnuts and Pistachios







There are many forms of vitamin B that your scientists have mapped.   Vitamin B is also used to support and sustain crystalline biology in a variety of ways.   We cannot equate crystalline vitamin B to all that science has mapped; however there are six forms of B vitamins that the plant kingdom perceives as useful to cell reparation and regeneration.


The first form of B vitamin is helpful in regenerating and repairing mucous membranes such as the eyes, mouth, anus, vaginal area and esophagus, stomach and intestinal walls.   This form of B vitamin is found in green leafy vegetables along with chlorophyll, or the green substance of any plant.   Chlorophyll hosts many nutrients necessary to the life and health of human form, and it is for this reason that green leafy vegetables are good to consume each day.   Mila and Oa realized how important this is and it is for this reason that Oa created a section in Oa’s Kitchen specific to “Cooking with Greens”.   (See “Oa’s Kitchen” for more information.)


Humans do not produce chlorophyll yet in their own genetic blueprint, but in time there will be a form of photosynthesis that will cause ascending humans to manufacture their own chlorophyll.   At another time this was so within the Grand Master inheritance.   At the time that the grand masters came to earth, they each had self sustaining photonic biology that did not require eating anything to subsist.   They produced all nutrients necessary to regenerate as well as to ascend including chlorophyll.   Generally micronutrients such as chlorophyll requiring sunshine are generated in small pockets that grow upon the skin and appear as brown spots or moles.   There are many nutrients that can be formed due to exposure to the sun which generates waves that alter molecules through chemical reactions creating substances that the body requires to subsist.   Mila has learned to appreciate her brown spots and moles as necessary to her own regeneration as a result; and has learned herself some exposure to the sun each day (10-20 minutes is all that is necessary)..


The second form of vitamin B is helpful to retaining consciousness as well as energizing the body.   This form of vitamin B is used in the maintenance of the adrenal gland and pituitary gland as well as in the hormones produced in each of these glands.   Mila has discovered that if she consumes not enough of this particular vitamin B, her body feels tired or run down.   Some good resources for this particular form of B vitamin are ginseng, sesame seeds, beer and whole grains.   Having a little ginseng tincture or tea each day is perhaps the easiest manner to meet the body’s needs for this particular B vitamin.   Sesame candy or sesame oil is also another nice means of providing enough of this form of B vitamin each week.


The third form of B vitamin useful to crystalline biology is not found in foods as much as produced by new glands in the ascending genetic blueprint.   This B vitamin acts as a bridge between the nervous system and the physical consciousness or awareness centers of the brain.   The crystalline brain has many more neurons and synapses than the non-crystalline brain; the new neurons and synapses host a different chemistry that allow for unity awareness or thought-form to come to be understood.   Unity thought-form seeks to perceive the world from the middle ground and outside of polarity leading to greater peace within and acceptance of self and others in the dance of life.   This form of vitamin B is useful to the construction of the biochemistry that leads to unity consciousness.   This form of vitamin B may one day be found in ascending greens such as kale.


The fourth form of vitamin B is also manufactured in the crystalline genetic blueprint.   This form of vitamin B helps sustain the syncopation of movement between the heart and the veins and capillaries.   The crystalline heart develops six ventricles and in time eight ventricles in the journey to Bodhisattva level evolution.   The heart beat of a fully crystalline heart is more complex with four variant contractions that send blood through the veins and capillaries in a variety of paces.   The larger heart beat is to cause the blood to rush through the main arteries; the subtler heart beats are to cause blood to be pushed down the capillaries and into the tiniest of veins so that all cells receive the nutrients that they require for cell metabolism and detoxification.   This particular B vitamin helps to align the pulsation of the veins, arteries and capillaries with the associated heart beat; for not only the heart beats in crystalline biology, but the veins themselves constrict with the heart in order to move the blood along.   This form of vitamin B may one day be found in ascending plums, beets, cherries and berries.


The fifth form of vitamin B is also manufactured in the crystalline genetic blueprint.   This form of vitamin B is used as a catalyst in cell metabolism.   As the cell ingests the sugar and breaks the molecules a part, this form of vitamin B helps to catalyze the reaction, allowing heat to be extracted from the sugar to sustain the body temperature of the given organ, gland or system.   This form of B vitamin may be found one day in ascending artichokes, broccoli or asparagus.


The sixth and last form of vitamin B is also manufactured in the crystalline genetic blueprint.   This form of B vitamin supports and sustains the liver by catalyzing the break down of fats into simpler forms that are crystalline.   Crystalline fats go through many changes in the ascent to Bodhisattva level evolution; generally speaking the fat becomes smaller in molecular structure but powerful at conducting chi and retaining the temperature of the body necessary to sustain one’s health.   The body temperature rises as a result as the crystalline fat surrounds each cell as well as forms in layers underneath the skin and between the organs and glands as a sort of padding.   Crystalline biology is larger and rounder than the pre-ascension state of being; and most initiates expand many clothing sizes in the journey to Bodhisattva as a result.   Many fats consumed in current human diet are too large; and so this particular B vitamin allows larger fats to be broken down and reconstituted into crystalline fat useful to sustaining a higher vibration and body temperature than one’s pre-ascension state of being.   This form of B vitamin may be found in ascending nuts into the future, and in particular pistachios, hazelnuts and walnuts.




Citrus Fruits (oranges, tangerines, lemons, limes, grapefruit)

Cranberry juice and dried fruit

Acai juice

Rasberries, Blackberries or Strawberries (fresh, dried or juice)

Kiwi and Palmagranite fruit or juice

Mangosteen juice







There are three forms of vitamin C that are useful to crystalline biology.   One of such forms of vitamin C is found in most citrus fruit such as oranges, tangerines, lemons, limes and grapefruit.   This form of C is necessary to sustain the movement of nutrients into the cellular structure along with the movement of waste out of each cell.   This form of C acts as a lubricant in cell osmosis.   Consuming some citrus fruit each day is therefore useful to providing enough of this form of vitamin C through one’s diet.


Fresh fruits and juices are always better than what is prepackaged and pasteurized varieties.   The pasteurization process reduces the number of enzymes as well as the amount of vitamin C offered by the fruit associated with the juice.   Humans attempt to make up for this by adding chemically produced vitamin C, which is a petrochemical derivative and useless to ascending cells.   The chemically produced vitamin C is actually a toxin that must be removed from the blood following ingestion.   Therefore it is the plant kingdom’s suggestion that one avoids this type of vitamin C if possible and consumes the whole fruit or fresh squeezed juice instead for your daily C requirements.   Cranberries are also another good resource for this type of vitamin C.   Cranberry juice is readily available and is less subject to losing too much of its nutrients in pasteurization.   Dried cranberries are also a good resource for this form of vitamin C and are easy to take along in one’s travels. Recently available Acai berries or juice also are a good resource of this type of C. (See "From the Tamanu and Kikui Nut Trees" for more information on the problems with current food science.)


The second form of vitamin C is known as ester C by current scientists.   This form of C is necessary to cell reparation and regeneration of crystalline biology.   Crystalline cells that become overly toxic or damaged due to ingesting toxins can be repaired rather than replaced, and this is a much more efficient means of sustaining one’s health.   Ester C acts as a self healing agent.   As ester C enters the cells, whatever has become damaged comes to the forefront.   If there is a toxin or virus or bacteria at cause of the cell damage, ester C aids in its removal by latching on to the substance and carrying it to the waste management systems of the form.   If the damage is due to a virus or bacteria, ester C will attract a white blood cell into the cell to remove the bacteria or virus.


Good resources of ester C include fresh berries such as raspberries, blackberries or strawberries.   Kiwi and palmagranite fruit is also loaded with ester C along with a new super food known as mangosteen.   Mangosteen is a tropical fruit that has been used in the East as a source of healing since ancient times.   Mangosteen like Goji Berries is a crystalline fruit that has held on to its original blueprint.   Mangosteen not only is high in ester C but many other substances useful to cleansing the blood.   There have been accounts of folk recovering their health in consuming mangosteen juice or tea.   Mila also found dried mangosteen in capsules in the health food store and discovered that her body really appreciated the large amount of micronutrients helpful to healing and regenerating her ascending biology.


The third form of vitamin C is not known in food sources of today but is manufactured in the genetic blueprint of crystalline biology.   This form of vitamin C also aids in cell regeneration by assisting the cell in assessing what is damaged and then acquiring the necessary nutrients from the blood for reparation.   This form of C is created from a combination of the first and second forms of vitamin C into a third form that holds this function.   In time the third form of vitamin C may be found in ascending berries and in particular those harvested in the wild.




Catalyzed through pockets in the skin in exposure to the sun

To help build crystalline bones:   Organic Whole Milk Yogurt, Pumpkin Seeds and Coconut



Vitamin D comes in three varieties supportive to crystalline biology.   Vitamin D is useful to the development of crystalline bones as well as their reparation and regeneration.   Crystalline bones are different in that they host a soft coating of cartilage on top of the bone itself.   The bone itself is also less ridged and therefore less subject to breaking and can “bend” more greatly in the event of an impact.


The first form of vitamin D acts as a bridge between minerals.   Crystalline bones are formed from 19 minerals and it is vitamin D that is used to combine the minerals in various structures to form the bones as well as cartilage that surrounds them.   This form of vitamin D is created in small pockets along the skin and catalyzed through exposure to the sun.   The vitamin D artificially synthesized and added to milk is useless to crystalline biology and it is best perhaps therefore to avoid this substance as it is a toxin.   Consuming organic milk butter and cheese products are far better for the crystalline body as a result.


Mila has learned that combining certain foods provide all the minerals necessary to form crystalline bones.   One group that is helpful for this includes whole milk yogurt, pumpkin seeds (pepitas) and coconut flesh.   Pumpkin seeds and coconut are super foods in themselves hosting many minerals along with other substances helpful to the formation of crystalline biology.   Coconut is a crystalline nut remaining from ancient times; its milk is filled with vitamins and enzymes; the flesh is filled with crystalline fats and proteins.   Many Asian food sections sell coconut water and coconut milk as well as the flesh.   Eating a whole fresh coconut has enough nutrients to be considered a complete meal in and of itself.   Pumpkin seeds host 9 of the 19 minerals used to form crystalline bones.   Yogurt not only contains calcium helpful to the creation of crystalline bones but also bacteria useful to the digestive system.   Eating some yogurt each day is very helpful to sustaining the crystalline digestive system.

Mila已经学会到,将一些特定的食物混合食用,就能提供水晶骨头构成所需的所有矿物质。对此有益的一些食物包括全奶酸奶、南瓜仁和椰肉。南瓜仁和椰子,本身就是超级食物,拥有许多矿物质及对构成水晶生物体有益的其它物质。椰子是一种从远古时代幸存下来的水晶坚果,它的椰奶充满维他命和酶,椰肉则充满水晶脂肪和蛋白质。许多亚洲食品部售卖椰汁、椰奶和椰肉。吃下一整个新鲜椰子就能摄入足够多养分,因此可被看成是一个整餐(complete meal)。南瓜仁拥有构建水晶骨头的19种矿物质中的9种。牛奶不仅含有对水晶骨头形成有益的钙,而且也含有对消化系统有益的菌类。每天喝一些酸奶,是对维系水晶消化系统非常有益的。

The second variety of vitamin D is also manufactured via the skin and in exposure to the sun.   This form of vitamin D is found in the blood and is helpful in the transport of minerals to wherever they are needed within the biology, including the bones.   Certain minerals are also necessary to new cell growth and act as catalysts to split the RNA and DNA in the formation of new cells.   Sometimes cells cannot be repaired in the crystalline system; new cells are grown to replace the old which are then broken down and removed through the waste management systems of the form.   The third and last variety of crystalline vitamin D is also manufactured via the skin in exposure to the sun.   This variety of vitamin D is used in the formation of cartilage of the nose and ears as well as that which surrounds the bones along with ligaments and combines the minerals into a particular sequence holding them together as a part of the space between the cells.




Natural Mineral Water

Nori (dried seaweed or sea salad)

French Green Clay

Black Strap Molasses





It is important to provide al minerals necessary for the development of strong crystalline bones.   Natural mineral water is a more prevalent drink in Europe than in the US or Canada.   Mila and Oa have discovered that good mineral water can also provide all the minerals necessary to the regeneration of crystalline bones and teeth along with the growth and formation of the fingernails and toenails.   Having a little mineral water each day is another way to help the body sustain enough minerals not only for the bone structure, but the movement of nutrients and toxins through the blood.   It is minerals that attract the nutrients to the red blood cells as well as wastes; without enough minerals the blood struggles to move oxygen, sugar or waste to where it is needed to regenerate and sustain crystalline biology.   Therefore making sure you receive enough minerals through the diet is very important to the sustenance of crystalline health.


One of Mila and Oa’s favorite ways to have their daily mineral water is in a Mohito: in a tall glass, quarter and squeeze a whole lime.   Add a handful of fresh mint and a tablespoon or sugar (or more to taste).   Fill to the top with ice.   Add a shot of rum and fill the glass with mineral water.   Mix and enjoy!   The rum is helpful to relaxing the nervous system for sleep; the lime is a good source of vitamin C; the mint aids the digestive system in syncopating the stomach with the small and large intestines; and t he mineral water provides minerals necessary to ascending health.


Nori or seaweed or sea salad are also excellent resources of sea minerals.   Out of the 19 minerals required to formulate crystalline bones, 12 are found easily in the sea.   Having some nori in vegetarian sushi or sea salad each week is another means of assuring that all the minerals are consumed necessary to create and sustain crystalline biology.


One can also obtain their minerals through bathing in mineral springs or adding salt and clay to one's bath.   French green clay hosts all minerals necessary to ascending biology, and crystalline skin can absorb the minerals in the act of bathing.   Mud baths or packs are perhaps the best way to give the skin a good dose of minerals; blend 1/2 cup french green clay with 3/4 cup hot water and mix with a hand blender.   Spread upon he skin allowing   the clay to dry for 15 to 30 minutes, and then shower off.   The skin will be stimulated to regenerate and absorb necessary minerals simultaneously.




Hazelnuts, Pine Nuts and Almonds

Avocado and Avocado Oil

Walnuts, Macadamia Nuts and Sesame Seeds




Vitamin E that is crystalline occurs in two varieties.   Vitamin E aids in the formation of the crystalline fat that coats each cell.   Cells are coated in a form of fat that is similar to cholesterol and holds a higher vibration by containing the heat that each cell produces in the act of cell metabolism.   Vitamin E acts as a modulator of cellular heat; if the heat is getting to high leading to a “cooked cell”, vitamin E will assist in releasing the heat into the blood that then dissipates it due to the large amount of water element.   If on the other hand the heat is not high enough leading to degeneration of the cells, vitamin E will cause the cell to grow additional layers of fat to contain the heat to sustain the health and well being of each cell.


Vitamin E of the first variety is found in larger amounts within many nuts.   Hazelnuts, pine nuts and almonds are good resources of this type of vitamin E.   Avocado or avocado oil is another good resource.   Eggs are a good resource of cholesterol for the formation of crystalline fat; and also contain substances useful to cell growth as the egg is a growing or “alive” pre-formation state of being.   Ascending humans may crave eggs daily as a result.


The second form of vitamin E is used in the nervous system and in the formation of the grey matter of the left and right lobes of the brain.   The lobes of the brain grown three additional layers of grey matter that contain neurons and synapses that fire in new formations related to unity based thought-form.   The firing of the nervous system is a function of algorithmic patterns that are first energetic and then cause a physical response within the brain.   The energetic patterns of the language of light first run in the field and then catch upon the new synapses causing unity based thoughts to be learned in the choice to ascend.   Vitamin E is one component necessary to the new unity based biochemistry of the crystalline brain.   This form of vitamin E can also be obtained through the consumption of nuts such as walnuts, macadamia nuts, sesame seeds and coconut.




Eggs, Butter, Cheese and Milk

Coconut Flesh

Olives and Olive Oil

Ascending Avocado





Many initiates grow many layers of fat to contain the heat of the higher vibration related to crystalline biology.   The fat also helps to sustain one’s health.   It is the plant kingdoms suggestion that ascending initiates embrace their heavier and rounder forms which are probably healthier than when you were a newborn due to the nature of regenerative biology.   Although Mila and Oa are larger in size, this has not limited them upon the physical plane.   They still hike and swim regularly.   Exercise is important as it moves the lymph which also carries nutrients to cells and wastes to the waste management systems of the form.   Daily movement therefore is also advised to retain the health and well being of the crystalline form.


Crystalline fat has four variant structures.   One structure is similar to cholesterol and coats each cell and is best sustained in the consumption of eggs or coconut flesh or oil along with cheese, butter and milk.   The second type of crystalline fat provides a form of storage for nutrients as well as waste.   This type of fat cell has a hollow center filled with a fluid that will contain vitamins, minerals or other substances necessary to the growth of new crystalline cells, or the reparation of cells in regeneration.   This form of fat is best created and sustained through the consumption of olives and olive oil. .


The third type of fat is a lubricant that coats the esophagus, stomach and intestines to allow for a fluid movement of food through the digestive tract.   This type of fat is best sustained through the consumption of nuts or nut oils.   The last type of fat is used as padding and to retain the heat in between organs, glands and systems of the crystalline vibration.   This type of fat is denser than the other three forms and helps to even out the temperature of the biology from head to toe.   The more greatly the temperature of the body is even and balanced, the easier it is to retain the health of the crystalline structure.   This form of fat is best sustained through the consumption of milk products, butter and cheese.



Aged Cheese such as Parmesan

Pineapple and Papaya and Mango (fresh, dried or juice)

Coconut Water




Enzymes are important to ascending biology.   Enzymes assist in the breaking a part of old parts of the form requiring transmutation so that they can emerge into a crystalline blueprint.   Enzymes are also important to breaking down one's food source and obtaining all the nutrients necessary to the continued health, well being and ascent ahead.   There are many resources of enzymes through one's food source that can be considered super foods as a result.


Cheese that has been aged is also a useful super food for ascending biology.   Aged cheese continues to break down producing many enzymes that can assist ascension when consumed.   Cheese that has been properly aged will not smell of ammonia; as the smell of ammonia is a reflection of rot rather than the enzymatic action that breaks down the proteins of the milk.   If the cheese is not properly aged, it will rot; and rotten cheese is highly toxic to crystalline biology.   In Switzerland, cheese is sometimes aged five to ten years without smelling of ammonia; aged cheese can be a very potent super food for ascending biology due to all the enzymes that it contains.   If you do not live in Europe and cannot find aged cheese of this nature, aged parmesan cheese is a good source of digestive enzymes found in most parts of the US and Canada.   Mila has become fond of slicing fine aged parmesan and eating it with her toast or fruit bowl; or grinding it up and sprinkling it liberally upon risotto or pasta.


Many vegetarians are also concerned about animal rennet used in the cheese making process.   There is vegetable rennet available and many organic dairies produce cheese with it instead; however in aged cheese, the animal rennet also breaks down into other enzymatic patterns over time that it does not retain the slaughter thought-form associated with its origins.   Therefore Mila and Oa have not found eating aged cheese created from animal rennet problematic.


There are also many enzymes helpful to breaking down older structures found in fresh fruit.   Pineapple, papaya and mangos are three very useful fruits that provide a load of enzymes that break down proteins as well as fats and carbohydrates.   Pineapple is the strongest of the three at breaking down protein and does not lose all enzymes through pasteurization in the creation of juice.   If anything the pasteurization causes enough of the enzymes to cancel such that the juice does not digest one’s mouth and tongue in the consumption.   Mila and Oa are fond of pineapple juice as well as fresh pineapple and consume them frequently.   One of their favored drinks is a tropical sangria.   Cut up one orange, lemon and lime into fine slices along with a quarter of a fresh pineapple and add to a large pitcher.   Top with half red wine and half pineapple juice.   Mix and serve over ice with a little sparkling mineral water.   Yum!


Papaya and mangos each have different enzymatic qualities.   Papaya based enzymes are good at digesting proteins and carbohydrates whereas mangos enzymes are better at breaking a part fats.   Papaya, pineapple and mango can be found in dried format also and are good digestive aids to consume following any large meal.   Both the dried and fresh varieties of papaya and mango also host a load of vitamin A and B and therefore are good ascending super foods.   The plant kingdom recommends not purchasing dried fruit containing sulfites as the sulfites also destroy the skin of the stomach and small intestines.   Preservatives in general are troublesome to crystalline structures and especially disodium EDTA.   These should be avoided if at all possible in all foods.

木瓜和芒果各自含有不同的酶。木瓜的酶,擅长于消化蛋白质和碳水化合物;而芒果的酶,更擅长于分解脂肪。木瓜、菠萝和芒果,也可以买到干果,是在大餐一顿后上佳的消化辅助品。木瓜和芒果的干果和鲜果也都富含大量维他命AB,因此也是很好的超级提升食物。植物王国建议,不要购买含有亚硫酸盐的干果,因为亚硫酸盐也会毁坏胃部和小肠的外壁。通常而言,防腐剂都是对水晶结构有问题的,尤其是EDTA二钠盐(disodium EDTA,译注:螯合剂、防腐助剂,防止化妆品中成份与不必要之微量元素结合,以避免变质。也可作抗菌增效剂,用于香皂、洗涤剂、膏霜的金属螯合剂)。这些都应该在所有食物中尽可能避免。



Organic Beans of all kinds (with a little dried papaya to follow to aid in the digestion)

Sprouted Beans

Mushrooms (Shitake, Maitake and Oyster)

Wild Mushrooms of all kinds

Nuts and Nut Butters (peanuts, hazelnuts or almonds)






Proteins are used in the construction of each cell of every organ, gland or system along with the muscular structure.   Often initiates prior to 3000 strands will crave large amounts of protein due to the restructuring of the cells to the crystalline format.   Often it is easier for the body to obtain its protein requirements from the food source rather than rearrange the already existing protein within the biology.   A part of the reason for this is a lack of enzymes to break down the older proteins to be recreated into the new structure.   Some ascending initiates are better at creating enzymes than others for this purpose.   Those who are not may crave protein during the times that major organs or the muscular structure are ascending into a new blueprint as a result.


Due to spiritual law, it is not wise to eat flesh as there are no agreements to do so and therefore initiates create karma with the nature kingdoms in the consumption of meat, poultry, or lamb.   There are agreements to consume fish and shellfish at this time; and so this is the better resource of protein for ascending humans.   Shellfish in particular contains cholesterol and other fatty acids helpful to ascension of the nervous system and may be the best choice.   For a long time Mila and Oa enjoyed sushi and ate a load of shellfish; until their biology mastered another state in which protein from fish sources was no longer required.   At this time they also came to understand that the slaughter thought-form within fish that they were consuming was negatively affecting their relationship and school in the creation of unconscious harm.   And so they gave up the consumption of all flesh including fish at this juncture.


For those who have mastered a vegetarian digestive system, the eating of fish will provide too much protein in a single meal for the digestive enzymes to properly break a part.   The food may ferment instead of digest as a result.   The digestive enzymes alter quite radically in mastery of the vegetarian digestive system and become very good at obtaining protein from vegetable sources.   Following such mastery, beans of almost any kind become a good resource of protein.   Mila is fond of making hummus from organic dried garbanzo beans as a good daily protein source.   Hummus also contains tahini (sesame seed butter) and the combination of nutrients makes this dish highly supportive of ascension due to the vitamin B and E along with protein content.


Eating a little papaya or dried papaya following a meal with beans is also helpful to prevent the formation of gas.   Dried papaya is perhaps a better digestive support to follow your meals than any other fruit source due to its capacity not only to break down protein but also starches.   Fresh papaya with a little lime juice in the morning and eaten on an empty stomach will sweep through the digestive system breaking down whatever has gathered along the walls of the intestines to allow for a more thorough cleansing of one’s digestive system.   Mila and Oa are fond of having fresh papaya this way each morning while in the islands.


Mushrooms are another good source of whole protein that can be added to ones’ meals and are another super food as a result.   Shitake mushrooms are grown more frequently and are often available fresh in the US and Canada.   Shitake mushrooms have 7 amino acids and are a very useful form of protein.   Mila and Oa are fond of putting shitake mushrooms in their soups, upon their pizzas, in their pasta dishes or in mushroom risotto.   Dried shitake mushrooms are often sprayed with a fungicide in the US and are not advised unless they come from a health food store.


Oyster mushrooms host even more amino acids than Shitake varieties with 9 amino acids.   Recently a local Hawaiian farmer began to grow oyster mushrooms in the islands and not only are the mushrooms quite large and beautiful, but pale pink in color as they are so fresh.   Mila and Oa tried a recipe of making mushroom schnitzel (coating the oyster mushrooms in panko or bread crumbs and pan frying them in coconut oil – yum!) and were delighted with the outcome.   Crimini and portobello mushrooms are nice but contain fewer amino acids (2 to 3) than shitake or oyster varieties and so Mila and Oa avoid these if the others are available.


Wild mushrooms such as porcini or morels are a good source of protein as well.   Porcini mushrooms contain 12 amino acids and have a taste akin to liver.   Morels have 9 amino acids much like oyster mushrooms; and Mila and Oa have taken their dried wild mushrooms and ground them up into a powder that they can add to any sauce or soup stock for the added protein.   Wild mushrooms also contain certain acids useful to the development of the ascending nervous system and are a good super food to eat regularly as a result.


Maitake mushrooms are not eaten in the west as much as made into tinctures to support the immune system.   Maitake mushrooms aid the regeneration system in building a crystalline hormonal structure and have been considered a food for longevity in the east.   Mila and Oa have taken maitake mushroom extract at certain times of their ascension due to the associated nutrients that were supportive.   Maitake mushroom extract is also another good super food for ascending initiates as a result.


Nuts and nut butters are another good source of protein for the ascending biology.   Peanut butter has been one of Mila and Oa’s favorites and is as high in protein as eating a meal filled with beans; and also is easier to digest without the repercussions of gas or flatulence.   Almond butter is also delicious as well and a little higher in protein than peanut butter.   Cashews and macadamia nuts are higher in fat than protein content, but can also be useful to the ascending biology nonetheless.   Pistachios contain certain acids useful to the ascending nervous system that are not available in any other nut; and sometimes Mila and Oa crave them as a result.   Pistachios are also a good source of protein.


Sprouted beans are another good resource of protein and can be added to one’s salad or sandwiches.   Sprouted beans are also easier to digest as they are alive and have their own enzymes as a result that are not present if the bean is cooked.   Sprouting one’s own mixture of beans is quite easy and this the plant kingdom recommends.   Take a mixture of beans (lentils, garbanzos, mung, and small red and white beans) and place them in a large jar.   Cover with filtered water.   Cover the top with some fabric and a rubber band and place in a cool dark place.   Change the water every six hours until the sprouts begin to form (takes 2-3 days).   Place the jar in the sun for a few hours for the development of the chlorophyll.   Eat and enjoy!